2011 Ancient Tree Ripe Puerh 12Oz/古树普洱

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2011 Ancient Tree Ripe Puerh 12Oz/古树普洱

Pu-erh teas come from China’s Yunnan Province and are named for a city in southern Yunnan. These teas are highly valued in China where the processing methods have been a well-guarded secret for centuries. Pu-erh’s distinct flavor comes from the fact that after the leaves are picked,the leaves are aged and then packed into bricks or cakes.

Brewing Instruction:

•1. Put 3-4 gram Puerh leaves into a GaiWan or (6 gram) tea pot.
•2. Fill the cup or tea pot with 200 ml( 6.5oz), 95C (205F) water wait for 10-15 seconds
•3. Release water and Enjoy your tea.



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