2016 Spring Picked Raw Puerh Tea Cake 12Oz

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Description and features:

Pu-erh teas come from China’s Yunnan Province and are named for a city in Southern Yunnan. These teas are highly valued and the processing methods have been a well-guarded secret for centuries. Pu-erh’s distinct flavor comes from the fact that after the leaves are picked, they are made into a sundried base tea called maocha and then fermented. After that, the leaves are then aged and packed into bricks or cakes.

Sourcing and Quality Control:

BESTLEAFTEA only selects the purest and finest quality Puerh tea from origins in YunNan ,China. This spring picked raw Puerh cake from a 300 years old ancient tree is unique in the world because it is customized exclusively for BESTLEAFTEA from Tea master MingYi Yang in YunNan. We are excited in making it available in the US market and allow tea lovers the opportunity to enjoy this great tea.



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