BESTLEAFTEA Tangerine Puerh Tea 120g bag 4.2 oz

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This Tangerine puerh tea is exclusive product from Yunnan for BESTLEAFTEA


Tangerine Pu-erh tea(小青柑 - xiao qing gan, or lit. "Little Green Tangerine") is a combination of pu-erh fermented tea that has been stuffed into the hollowed out husks of tiny tangerines, and then left to age so that the two ingredients marry to create a refreshing twist on traditional pu-erh tea.

Brewing Instruction:

  • Remove the lid from the orange and place in a gaiwan or teapot
  • Use 210 degree water to brew the best taste
  • 15-20 seconds for first time , and then gradually increase the steeping time.
  • Enjoy
Tangerine Puerh tea



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