Organic Black Tea

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Description and Features:
Black tea is made of the new bud leaves of tea tree which are suitable for making this product. It is refined by the typical process of the process of wilting, cutting, fermentation and drying.

Sourcing and Quality Control:
Our organic black tea is grown, hand-picked from the Zhejiang. In order to bring the healthy, natural, tasty and high quality tea to our customers, BESTLEAFTEA is very strict to our tea products quality control, we are not only making sure the safety and quality of our teas, but also work closely with our suppliers to make sure they are in compliance with FDA regulations and also GFSI certified. We are really proud of our Black tea which is certified USDA Organic. Other than that, we take samples from every lot of teas for pesticide residues testing and confirmed all results are within limit before selling.

Health Benefits:
Reduce fat, protein and low-density “bad” cholesterol. Rich in fluoride, promotes dental health. Reduce fatigue, stimulating the central nervous system, Promotes strong bones. Enhance blood vessel elasticity and strength.

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