Royal Puerh Loose Leaf Tea

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Description and Features:

Puerh tea is the most famous dark tea in China which is fermented tea produced in Yunnan province. Pu’er is a full-bodied silky tea with a slight sweet aftertaste. The taste and aroma of Pu-er has been likened to a deep breath of fresh air in a springtime pine forest after heavy rains. 

Sourcing and Quality Control: 

Our Royal Puerh Loose Leaf Tea come from Bingdao village (冰岛)  , Yunnan provincewhich is the most profession and best area to produce puerh tea. the tea trees grow at an altitude of 1,673 meters mountain.

BESTLEAFTEA make long term business relationship with some puerh factories directly to make sure the tea quality consistently good. In order to bring the most tasty, fresh and fragrant puerh tea to our customer, BESTLEAFTEA make all tea into sealed bag and tea tin to protect the tea from light and air to keep it fresh long lasting flavor. 

Brewing Instruction:

• 1. Put 4-5 gram puerh loose leaf into teapot or Gaiwan 
• 2. Fill the glass cup with 200 ml( 6.5oz),  95C (203F) water.
• 3. Wait for tea leaves release the flavor and color. (20-30 sec) 
• 4. Enjoy your tea



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