Superior grade organic green tea (pyramid tea bags)

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Description and Features: 

BESTLEAFTEA is dedicated to producing the best tea in the world. With the goal of passing on health and tea culture, BESTLEAFTEA travels thousands of miles to bring this superior grade organic green tea products from Guizhou of China to North America. Each tea product uses fresh raw materials, and professional food safety personnel strictly control and detect agricultural residues and heavy metals. BESTLEAFTEA is registered by the FDA in the United States, and we ensure that all Organic products are certified by USDA Organic. And the factory and tea plantation is certified by the European HTCCP food agency. Make sure every tea is fresh and safe.

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This tea has been certified by USDA Organic, ISO2000, Rainforest Alliance and Kosher. We test the agricultural residues and heavy metals for each lot. 

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This tea is souring from high altitude Guizhou plateau of China, Our tea garden is natural and pure, away from pollution. because the environment is the high altitude, low latitude, little sunshine, organic soil, and abundant mineral elements that make the tea are high quality and pure.

Each package contains 12 pyramid tea bags, each pyramid tea bags contains 2.5g tea leaves.

Size: 5.9 x 3.6 inch

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