Ancient Tree Black Tea vs Normal Black Tea

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The processing technology of ancient tree black tea and normal black tea is same, it is full ferment tea, The main difference is that how fresh leaves are made for those black teas. Recently ancient tree black tea is become many tea lovers favorite because of its unique flavor. So what is the difference between ancient black tea and normal black tea?

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Normal black tea leaves is processed from tea shrub as raw material, the age of the shrub is in a few years to a dozen years. Ancient tree black tea is uses fresh leaves of ancient wild tea tree leaves as raw material, the tree age normally is over 200 years. The older tree get the deeper root and rich in minerals.So it makes the flavor so unique.

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The normal black tea is tighter and thinner. It has a slight sour taste and sweetness is not obvious. It will be tasteless after 9-10 brews. The ancient tree black tea leaves are softer, bigger, longer and more fuzz. It should be brewed at least 15 times before the flavor begins to fade. The color of the soup is bright, clear and shiny, strong and long-lasting fragrance and strong honey smell.


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Brewing Instruction:

• 1. Put 4-5 gram leaves into teapot or Gaiwan
• 2. Fill the glass cup with 200 ml( 6.5oz), 95C (203F) water.
• 3. Wait for tea leaves release the flavor and color. (20-30 sec)
• 4. Enjoy your tea


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