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The market for loose leaf tea in the world is growing strongly as tea drinkers from all walks of life rediscover the taste, health benefits and value of loose leaf tea. It releases its aroma and fragrance in a subtle, delicate way, paving the way for the body of the tea to emerge and develop in a soft wafting of flavor that brings about a soothing balm and quiet to the senses and mind.


Another important value is that loose leaf tea is hand-crafted to the ultimate perfection attainable in a tea. Good quality loose leaf tea is hand-picked and sorted out in an orthodox way as opposed to the machine method. Much care and concern are given to the tea leaves and buds from harvesting to processing.


BestLeafTea focus on product quality and taste of our tea. Most of the imported loose leaf tea selling in US market is fair quality or better quality with very high price. Our goal is to use our expertise to bring in great quality tea product at the most competitive price. By employing strict quality control at every step of the production phase to end users, we provide consistent quality with scientific compliance to obtain high quality loose leaf tea products. The satisfaction of our customers is paramount to us and we strive to achieve by always focusing on excellence. 

If you have any question, please contact us : service@bestleaftea.com



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