Black Tea

Indulge in the rich, full-bodied flavor of our Chinese black tea collection, expertly crafted by tea masters from some of China's most renowned tea-growing regions. Our collection features a range of teas, each with its own unique flavor profile and aroma, to satisfy even the most discerning tea connoisseurs.

Our Chinese black teas are carefully harvested and processed using traditional techniques to ensure a perfect balance of taste and aroma. Each tea is made from hand-selected tea leaves and buds, which are carefully oxidized and roasted to bring out their full flavor potential.

From the bold and robust flavor of our Yunnan Black Tea(古树红茶) , JinJunMei Black Tea(金骏眉) to the smooth and mellow taste of our Keemun Black Tea(祁门红茶), Lapsang Souchong(正山小种), our collection has something for every palate. We also offer a range of flavored black teas.

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