Do you know Shou Mei Tea?

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Shou Mei, a category of white tea, because it looks like the eyebrows of the elderly longevity, so named Shou Mei(寿眉).

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Because of the high proportion of leaves, the tea polysaccharide content of shou mei is more than  white peony tea, sweetness is more excellent than white peony tea.

As a white tea product, Shou Mei made entirely from the tender tips and leaves of the tea tree. It basically contains less buds, Shou Mei looks like dead leaves, but tastes soft and smooth.

shoumei tea -

Traditional white tea can be pressed into tea cake as more and more people drink white tea now, more and more white tea is pressed into tea cake but, the same tea cake, Shou Mei tea cake aging faster than the Silver Needle tea cake and others.

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This is because the tea stalk has certain help for the transformation of tea cake. A certain amount of tea stalk can increase the gap of tea cake, and the small ‘ventilation pipe’ can help the tea inside the tea cake to contact a small amount of air. Because the aging of white tea requires a small amount of oxygen, the passage in the tea stalk can make the tea cake slowly aging both inside and outside together

How to brew:

1. Put 3-5 grams to cup

2. Fill in 85C(180F) , 160ml hot water.

3. Wait 10-15 secs( can be re-filled 10 times)

4. Enjoy your tea

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