How Can I Find Authentic JinJunMei Black Tea

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JinJunMei(金骏眉) black tea is the tea bud of small species of wild tea, which was picked in the national nature reserve WuYi mountain at an altitude of 1500-1800 meters before the QingMing festival.With the same traditional procedure of Lapsang Souchong is handmade by the tea master. So as a tea buyer, how can I distinguish my JinJunMei is authentic, let’s get started.


Authentic JinJunMei black tea is fit and tight, each bud color is black with golden hairs. Fake JinJunMei tea mostly dry and the whole body is golden color Or completely black buds mix with golden buds. Those fake JinJunMei tea obviously is mixed with different regions of different varieties of tea.

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Use boiling water brew JinJunMei can be easily distinguished the real JinJunMei or not. The authentic JinJunMei grows in high altitude mountain and really slow growth cycle makes it resistant to high temperature water, so brewing authentic JinJunMei can continuously brewing 8-12 times, and the quality is still stable, the color and aroma of soup are still sustained.


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Soup color

The color of the soup should be golden, and crystal clear from authentic JinJunMei tea, but the fake JinJunMei soup color is muddy and red.

JinJunMei soup -


The authentic JinJunMei aroma is a natural floral, fruity and honey blend. The fake JinJunMei may have pure potato sweet or after 3-4 brewing, the honey sweet is gone.


Last tip

The last thing, when you are seeking a nice authentic tea, pay attention to what is in the cup, not only the wrapper,package or price. Hope you like our post, enjoy your tea.



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