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Chinese tea has a history of 5000 years. With the development of tea culture, people have figured out the optimal ways to enjoy different type of teas. In a traditional Chinese tea ceremony, it involves multiple steps which require a well-trained people to make a good cup of tea. Basically, there are 4 principles for brewing teas: the amount of tea and water, water quality and temperature, brewing timing and tea wares.


- Green Tea: keep your green tea fresh

How to brew chinese green teabrew chinese tea

The early spring picked green tea can give you a very original and fresh taste, but if the principles were not followed, the freshness and the fragrance will be destroyed, and bitterness will be released as well.Generally, we use less amount of green tea than other types of tea. 3g green tea is enough for Gaiwan brewing. It’s better brewed by 85℃/185℉ water and steeped for 10 seconds. The amino acid and the fresh sweet taste will be extracted quickly.  For green tea, the first brews are usually the best.


- Black Tea: Pay attention to time and water temperature

Generally, we put more black tea, which is about 5g for Gaiwan brewing. The first brew is about 3-5 seconds and pour the water out quickly. Draining the tea soup to avoid affecting the taste of the next brew.

The second brew time is same as the first brew. From the third brew, the steep time can be extended for a few seconds to have more fragrance released.

Normally we use 90℃/194℉ water to brew black tea. If your black tea is very high quality such as Yunnan Ancient Tree Black Tea, we suggest using 100℃/212℉ water to brew out the rich minerals quickly.

brew chinese black teahow to brew chinese black tea



- Oolong Tea: Rich fragrance

The fragrance is the feature of oolong tea. We suggest using Gaiwan or Zisha clay pot with boiling water brewing oolong tea to get the rich fragrance. For rock oolong tea such as Da Hong Pao, just steeping for 15-20 seconds. But for milk oolong tea such as Tie Guan Yin, we can steep it longer for the first brew, waiting for the tea leaves to be expanded to enjoy the fully released fragrance in the next brew. We suggest using white porcelain tea wares for oolong tea.

how to brew chinese oolong teabrew chinese tea


- Puerh Tea: Rising tea is important

The most important step of brewing pu erh tea is to wake up tea:  pour boiled water into teapot. After 10-20 seconds, pour the water out and not drink it. From the second brew, the mellow flavor of the pu erh tea will be brought out. The time of rising tea should not be too long, otherwise, the flavor will be lost.

We recommend using boiling water and Gaiwan to brew pu erh tea, wait for a 20 seconds steep to enjoy, and increase the steeping time for 5 seconds for every subsequent steep.

how to brew pu erh tea


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