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Jasmine Loose Leaf Green Tea is scented tea, it use high quality green tea as base tea scented with jasmine flowers. The process is really labor intensive to get it right. The famers need to spread the green tea first, because the jasmine flower only bloom at night, they need to go out pick thousands and thousands jasmine flowers at night, then spread those flowers amongst the green tea for overnight. On the second day, after the jasmine release the fragrance into the green tea, the jasmine flowers need to pick off by the famers. The whole process need to repeat 3-7 times, then the good quality jasmine tea will be produced.


Our jasmine loose leaf tea is only selected the spring harvest green tea and jasmine flowers from protected tea garden which souring from Yunnan. These early spring teas are made from baby tea leaves that are delicious, ‘just born’ expressions of the flavor of the tea. In order to bring the most tasty, fresh and fragrant Jasmine Pearl Green Tea to our customer, BESTLEAFTEA make all tea into sealed bag and tea tin to protect the tea from light and air to keep the fresh taste.


Brewing Instruction:

  • 1 Put 1 teaspoon (3-4 gram) Jasmine tea into Gaiwan/teapot.
  • 2 Fill with 150 ml, 80C water.
  • 3 Wait until you see tea leaves are extended. (20-30sec)
  • 4 Release the water.
  • 5 Enjoy your tea.


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