Jasmine Pearls Green Tea 茉莉龙珠绿茶

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some people think jasmine tea come from jasmine flower, but it doesn't. jasmine tea use green tea as base tea and scented with fresh jasmine flowers. the process is really labor intensive, so what they do is they take good quality green tea spread it out on a clean ground, because the jasmine flower only bloom at night.so the labors need to go out and pick many many jasmine flowers, then spread those flowers above the green teas for overnight. next morning, the labor need to pick up every jasmine flowers, the process need to repeat 3 or 5 times, some really good quality jasmine tea need to repeat 7 times. so after those produces, the green tea will have really nice powerful jasmine aroma.




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  • Hi! We have purchased your wonderful Jasmine Pearl tea. It tastes delicious and we are very happy with our purchase. We did notice that the product description on the back of the can has major spelling, sentence structure, and grammatical errors. For instance, one part of the passage says: “Every piece tea leaves grow in nature and landscape, from the bud to harvesting, and finally return into the water.” This sentence is so problematic that we have no idea what it means. Since we enjoy tea drinking and writing, we would be delighted to help you correct these and many other mistakes we found on your website. Aside from the literary mishaps, we are very happy with the quality and taste of your product. Please feel free to contact us for any editing help your wonderful company may need.

    Your delighted customers,
    Jessica and Olga Malosh

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