2024 Phoneix Mt Single Bush Oolong Tea 150g Bag/凤凰单枞

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Phoenix Dan Cong tea, originating from the Phoenix Mountain range in Guangdong, is renowned for its distinctive flavors and rich history. It is one of China's most precious teas, often hailed as the "King of Dan Cong." Our Phoenix Dan Cong tea trees thrive at the mountaintop, nurtured by rich soil and fresh air, imparting unique floral and fruity notes to the tea.

Why Choose Our Phoenix Dan Cong Tea?

Premium Quality: We meticulously select the highest-grade Phoenix Dan Cong tea to ensure you receive the finest quality leaves.

Rich Flavors: Our tea is distinctive with its floral and fruity notes, offering a delightful tasting experience.

Traditional Craftsmanship: We adhere to traditional tea-making techniques to preserve the true essence of this precious tea.

Health Benefits: Phoenix Dan Cong tea is believed to offer various health benefits, including boosting the immune system, lowering cholesterol, and aiding digestion.

Gifting Options: Our Phoenix Dan Cong tea also makes a perfect gift choice, offering a precious present for your loved ones.



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