BESTLEAFTEA White Peony White Tea 200g/白牡丹

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  • BESTLEAFTEA special exclusive.
  • Superior spring tea raw materials.
  • Top quality white tea.
  • Lose weight.

BESTLEAFTEA using high-quality spring tea raw materials, the tea tree grows in the organic natural tea mountain, pesticide and fertilizer free tea area of Lincang. The original place of Camellia sinensis has mild climate, sufficient light, low dimension, high altitude and abundant water resources. The tea produced is sweet, mellow and full of taste.

White peony tea belongs to white tea and is one of the top ten famous teas in China. White peony tea is two leaves, there is a bud in the middle of the leaf, the leaf eminence is corrugated, the leaf is fat and tender, the edge is slightly curled, the back of the leaf is covered with white fuzz. After brewing, the green leaves set off the tender leaf buds, beautiful shape, like the peony bud opening, very quiet and elegant. The tea soup is clear and apricot yellow, and the tea taste is sweet and fresh.



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