BESTLEAFTEA 2021 Raw PuErh Tea 357g/普洱生茶

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  • BESTLEAFTEA special exclusive.
  • Production from Yunnan.
  • Superior spring tea raw materials.
  • Top quality puErh tea.
  • Reduce blood pressure, reduce blood fat.

BESTLEAFTEA  Using high-quality spring tea raw materials, the tea tree grows in the organic natural tea mountain, pesticide and fertilizer free tea area of Lincang. The original place of Camellia sinensis has mild climate, sufficient light, low dimension, high altitude and abundant water resources. The tea produced is sweet, mellow and full of taste.

Raw tea can mainly clear the gut, has the benefits of lowering fat, refreshing, lowering blood pressure and losing weight,

It is not suitable for pregnant women.

puerh raw tea





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