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Serenity Tea Gift Box:

tea gift

Discover tranquility and indulge in the exquisite flavors of our Serenity Tea Gift Box. Carefully curated for tea enthusiasts and connoisseurs, this premium collection features two exceptional teas: Organic MinqQian Longjing Green Tea and Jasmine Silver Needle White Tea.

Organic MinqQian Longjing Green Tea:
Immerse yourself in the lush green hills of Hangzhou, China, with our Organic MinqQian Longjing Green Tea. Known for its delicate aroma and refreshing taste, this tea is handpicked from the finest tea gardens, where the leaves are meticulously cultivated to preserve their natural flavors. Its distinct green label represents its superior quality, while the elegantly designed tin ensures optimal freshness.

Jasmine Silver Needle White Tea:
Experience the captivating blend of delicate white tea leaves infused with fragrant jasmine blossoms. Our Jasmine Silver Needle White Tea embodies elegance and sophistication, offering a light and floral cup of tea that will transport you to a serene oasis. Encased in a white label tin, this tea remains pristine until you're ready to savor its enchanting taste.

Presented in a beautifully designed white box, our Serenity Tea Gift Box is an ideal choice for celebrations and special occasions throughout the year. Whether it's Chinese New Year, Mid-Autumn Festival, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or a cherished birthday, this gift will leave a lasting impression. Combining the finest Chinese teas with an exquisite package, our Serenity Tea Gift Box brings joy and relaxation to tea enthusiasts and is a thoughtful present for anyone seeking a moment of serenity.


Elegance Tea Gift Box:

black tea gift

Experience the epitome of sophistication and taste with our Elegance Tea Gift Box. This meticulously crafted collection showcases two exceptional teas: Jinjunmei Black Tea and DaHongPao Oolong Tea, renowned for their richness and complexity.

Jinjunmei Black Tea: Indulge in the deep, captivating flavors of our Jinjunmei Black Tea. Grown in the mountains of Wuyi, China, this tea is carefully harvested, with only the finest leaves selected for their exceptional quality. Encased in a white label tin, this tea exudes elegance, and its taste profile reveals a symphony of notes, including honey, chocolate, and floral undertones.

DaHongPao Oolong Tea: Unveil the exquisite artistry of DaHongPao Oolong Tea, a prized tea known for its rarity and remarkable depth. Handpicked from ancient tea trees in the Wuyi Mountains, this tea undergoes a meticulous traditional roasting process that enhances its unique flavor profile. With its red label tin, this tea represents sophistication and prestige, providing a velvety and complex brew with hints of roasted nuts and orchid aroma.

Housed in a striking red box, our Elegance Tea Gift Box is an impeccable choice for commemorating special occasions such as Chinese New Year, Mid-Autumn Festival, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or birthdays. The box's vibrant red color symbolizes good luck and prosperity, making it a meaningful gift for loved ones. Crafted with the highest quality Chinese teas and presented in an elegant package, our Elegance Tea Gift Box is a delightful present that brings joy and refinement to tea enthusiasts and those with discerning tastes.


tea gift



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