2023 Spring Picked Premium Da Hong Pao Dark Olong Tea/大红袍

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Discover the rich and exquisite flavors of authentic Dahongpao tea, also known as Big Red Robe, at BESTLEAFTEA. Our premium oolong tea is sourced from the pristine Wuyi Mountains of Fujian, China, where it is grown in mineral-rich soil and nurtured by traditional cultivation methods. Experience the unique combination of roasted, earthy notes, complemented by delicate hints of floral and fruit undertones. Buy the finest Dahongpao tea online and indulge in a timeless tea tradition. Enjoy free shipping and exceptional quality only at BESTLEAFTEA.


Sourcing and Quality Control: 

Our Da Hong Pao( Big Red Robe) oolong tea is made from WuYi mountain of Fujian province that is specialized and dedicated for processing Da Hong Pao( Big Red Robe) oolong tea area in the world. In order to bring the most tasty, fresh and fragrant Da Hong Pao( Big Red Robe) oolong tea to our customer, BESTLEAFTEA make all tea into sealed bag and tea tin to protect the tea from light and air to keep it fresh long lasting flavor. 

Health Benefits: 

This oolong tea is rich in polyphenols, a natural antioxidant that accounts for many of the great benefits tea has to offer. Also Da Hong Pao tea may help provide vitamin C when you most need it.

Brewing Instruction:

1. Put 2-3 gram Da Hong Pao loose leaf into Gaiwan
2. Fill with 150 ml( 4oz),  90C (185F) water.
3. Wait until you see tea leaves are extended. (20-40 sec) 
4. Enjoy your tea 



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