Blue and White Floral Douli Cup - Exquisite Chinese Tea Cup

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Enhance your tea-drinking experience with our stunning Blue and White Floral Douli Cup. This traditional Chinese tea mug features a unique flower pattern, beautifully blending blue and white hues. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the cup boasts a wide 8.5cm opening and a height of 4cm, allowing for easy pouring and sipping. With a capacity of 40ml, it's the perfect size for enjoying a delightful serving of tea. Immerse yourself in the elegance of Chinese tea culture as you indulge in the aromatic brew from this exquisite Douli Cup. Elevate your tea collection with this eye-catching and functional piece. Ideal for tea enthusiasts, collectors, and those seeking a touch of refinement in their tea-drinking ritual.

size: W 8cm x H 4cm

chinese tea douli cup

chinese tea douli cup



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