Ge Yao Portable Tea Set Travel Pack

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Ge Yao is one of the famous ancient Chinese kilns, renowned for its unique crackle glaze and rustic style. Established during the Song Dynasty, Ge Yao primarily produced celadon. Its distinctive craftsmanship and beautiful glaze have secured it an important place in the history of Chinese ceramics.

Characteristics of Ge Yao

  1. Crackle Glaze: The most notable feature of Ge Yao ceramics is the fine network of cracks on the glaze surface. These cracks, known as "crackle patterns," are naturally formed due to the different shrinkage rates of the glaze and the body during firing. There are "large crackle" and "small crackle" patterns, creating a unique artistic effect.

  2. Glaze Color: Ge Yao ceramics mainly have celadon and gray glazes, with celadon being the most famous. The glaze colors are soft and subdued, exuding an ancient and elegant beauty.

  3. Shapes: The shapes of Ge Yao ceramics are diverse, including vases, jars, bowls, and plates. They are characterized by their regular forms and smooth lines.

  4. Body: The bodies of Ge Yao ceramics are relatively thick, with a hard texture. The color of the body is mostly gray-white or gray-yellow.

This portable tea set is Ge Yao ceramics with unique crackle glaze and glaze colors. It includes one pot, two cups, one tin and 1 travel bag.



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