BESTLEAFTEA Tangerine Puerh Tea 120g bag 4.2 oz/小青柑

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This Tangerine puerh tea is exclusive product from Yunnan for BESTLEAFTEA

Tangerine Pu-erh tea(小青柑 - xiao qing gan, or lit. "Little Green Tangerine") is a combination of pu-erh fermented tea that has been stuffed into the hollowed out husks of tiny tangerines, and then left to age so that the two ingredients marry to create a refreshing twist on traditional pu-erh tea.

Brewing Instruction:

  • Remove the lid from the orange and place in a gaiwan or teapot
  • Use 210 degree water to brew the best taste
  • 15-20 seconds for first time , and then gradually increase the steeping time.
  • Enjoy


Compare with other brand.

1. Bigger size

2. Brew more times than others.

3. Sourcing from authentic Imperial Pu 'er tea( 真正宫廷普洱茶原料)

4. Richer flavors.

5. It's nice to serve for a party size.







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