BESTLEAFTEA 2020 Ripe PuErh Tea 357g/普洱熟茶

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  • BESTLEAFTEA special exclusive.
  • Production from Yunnan.
  • Superior spring tea raw materials.
  • Top quality puErh tea.
  • Reduce blood pressure, reduce blood fat.


BESTLEAFTEA Using high-quality spring tea raw materials, the tea tree grows in the organic natural tea mountain, pesticide and fertilizer free tea area of Lincang. The original place of Camellia has mild climate, sufficient light, low dimension, high altitude and abundant water resources. The tea produced is sweet, mellow and full of taste.


The product of Bestleaftea is a customized collaboration with Yang Xinwen(杨新文), the Pu-erh Tea Master from Yongde, Yunnan who was awarded the title of Master of Inherited Craftsmanship of Pu-erh Tea in Yunnan Province in 2018. It was officially launched in North America in 2022.

Bestleaftea promises to bring customers genuine Pu-erh tea, ensuring quality, taste, and safety.

bestleaftea 普洱茶

bestleaftea puerh



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